Arka Trellis B-Stock Bundle
Arka Trellis B-Stock Bundle
Arka Trellis B-Stock Bundle
Arka Trellis B-Stock Bundle

Arka™ Trellis B-Stock Bundle

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Transparent Acrylic Hoop Plant Trellis B-Stock Bundle

  • Arka trellises offer a simplistic design to let your plant collection shine
  • B-Stock: Slightly imperfect functional trellises.  Imperfections may include some miscuts, uneven sizing, scratches or smudges
  • You will receive a randomly selected bundle of sizes/ colors of Original and Petite Arka Trellises
  • If you have any preferences in colors, you can indicate them in an order note but there is NO guarantee we are able to honor these requests

- Sturdy
- Flexible
- Waterproof
- Arched support promotes new growth
- Allows vining plants to climb
- Minimalist aesthetic

Great for:
- Hoyas
- Orchids
- Vining plants: pothos, monstera, etc

Will vary. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Rebecca R
    The quality is amazing!

    This will be my third time ordering from propagation diaries! I’m OBSESSED with the clear and smoky black trellises and how chic they look against foliage. I ordered the B stock this time and the quality is amazing! I honestly don’t know why it’s considered “B stock” because there weren’t any scratches or marks on the clear acrylic and the edges were smooth. I only order trellises from P.Diaries now because I trust their quality and ease of ordering. The customer service is also fantastic and responds very quickly!


    Received a great selection of colors and sizes. Will be repurchasing from them!

    Not mixed colors

    Updated review: I decided to give these another chance and I added a request for neon colors and my request was fulfilled. I’m much happier with my newest order and I was not left disappointed again. I’m glad I gave these another chance! I will definitely order more in the future

    Original review (3 stars):
    I bought the mixed color bundle which was very expensive, to only receive ugly colors: clear sparkles x2, black sparkles, transparent pink, opaque white, shiny clear, clear (lol hilarious because I paid for colors), and a very very ugly opaque blue. Kind of a rip off since it’s so much more expensive than the clear ones and the picture listed is not accurate at all. I paid $12 extra for ugly boring trellis. Also one of them broke when I stuck it in soil lol it also says random bundle of SIZES but only one size was given. It gave me the option to put a comment and I added that I would like different sizes, what’s the point of being able to include a comment if it was going to be ignored?

    Just Okay

    The trellises are a flimsy, but will work for some of my smaller plants for now. Also, I was thinking I was getting a grouping of neon/colored trellises based off the product photo however, I received 2 colored ones and a bunch of solid glitter ones. I understand that's what the description sorta says, but it would have been nice if the photo represented that as well.

    Par B.
    B-stock = accessible and sustainable

    I absolutely LOVE when companies make B stock items available to customers! My package of trellises were all in great condition I don't mind a few imperfections and they look amazing! Very sturdy and won't rust like my old wire trellises. They're also so beautiful I saved a lot of room in my cabinet by using these. Would definitely recommend and repurchase!