Propagation Diaries is a houseplant accessory brand based in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to making houseplant care fun. Founded in 2021, our products are designed to serve a function, like supporting plants, while improving the overall aesthetic of your plants in your home. No matter if your love for plants is just blossoming, or if you are an experienced plant parent, we know and value the time spent caring for the plants and aim to improve the experience with our products. Our original design support accessories come in all shapes, sizes and colors, leaving you no excuse to leave your plants hanging. 

We aim to enhance the beauty and quality of your collection. Our custom designed and curated products will improve your experience of growing plants. are continually innovating and developing new products and stand behind everything sold on this website.


If you have any questions about your order or anything on the website, please use the “Contact Us” page or reach out via email at ara@propagationdiaries.com

Don't leave your plants hanging!