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CLIMB™ Plant Support Pole
JORDAN Cunningham

First time using a pole and these are so easy and I love the bright color options. The purple looks so cool with my Florida ghost.

Arka™ Petite Trellis
michelle slater

I love these trellis’s. They are made well and hold my plants.

These work well

These work well but I'll stick to using the wide bobby pins as these are very noticeable in the pot and that I don't love so much. If you don't mind that, these do the job just fine.

They work

Being honest I have to say these are not my favorites. It was my first time using them and they were quite difficult to stay together after filling. They are also smaller than anticipated. I was excited for these because the colors are adorable but I probably won't be buying again. The trellises on the other hand TOP NOTCH! LOVE!

Good but expensive

The quality is good but they’re only about 9 in, they sell similar poles that are 24 in for the same price on the market. These are only useful for smaller slow growing plants.

Arka™ Petite Trellis
Karlee Vaughn
Great, just wish they were cheaper

Quality is good. Smaller ones aren’t too bad but the larger are expensive. I wish I could afford for more plants

Fits 2 oz plastic cups

If you grow your hoyas in shot plastic cups, these petite trellises are awesome for them. They fit the tiniest of hoyas.

Halo Trellis

These are cute little trellis's. I purchased this thinking it was bigger than it was, so definitely read the description better than I did. I wanted this for my Mican that had gotten crazy long lately but is in a tighter spot so I went with the smaller choice, should have gone with the larger of the two. Guess I have to order more. Works great though, changed plan and it's now on my dischidia.

Plant Scoop
Lori Anderson
So little, So useful

This little scoop makes repotting so easy. Helps to get into those smaller, tighter spaces that can be difficult sometimes and keeps from wasting soil.

It's a great trellis! I love the different colors and it seems very sturdy.

Love it!!

Got here fast and works great

Anthurium Pendens
Zachary Wixom
A lot like my love life

... they came super quick.


These trellises are lightweight, yet strong enough to hold me heavier hoyas. They are easy to insert into media and add a little extra shine to my plants. I got some clear, iridescent , and shimmer ones. I like the iridescent and shimmer the best but they all work very well.

Broken and wrong tags

I ordered the clear acrylic tags but they were not clear. The larger heart trellis arrived broken. The smaller heart trellis came intact and is very cute.

Plant Scoop
Anjelica Kenerly

I love this scoop! The perfect size for any bag of soil and so easy to scoop our into a planter without wasting soil

Arka™ Petite Trellis
Sandra Bennett
Petite trellis

Loved it and the price was good ,shipping was fast. I recommend this seller.

Arka™ Medio Trellis
Crystal Anderson
Plant Trellis

Cute little trellis. Good for my kind of medium sized potted plants. Can’t even see it so it doesn’t take away from the look of the plant.

Arka™ Grande Trellis
Crystal Anderson
Plant Trellis

Good quality, perfect size for what I needed and you can’t even see it. I wanted something that wouldn’t take away from my beautiful plant and from a distance you can’t even tell it’s there!

Plant Scoop
Crystal Anderson
Plant Scoop

Super cute little pink scoop, good quality makes getting all my expensive potting soil actually in the pot much easier.

Fast shipping, product works very well. Would purchase again


These clear trellises are perfect for all my Hoys. I'm in love. Will order again!


These clear trellises are perfect for all my Hoys. I'm in love. Will order again!

Arka™ Petite Trellis
Alejandra Olivares
Love them

Purchased a few and ended up getting more because I loved them so much


Simple to use, clean looking, and cute.

Arka™ Love Mini Plant Stake (Limited Edition)