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Simple and awesome!

I love these trellises.
They work perfect for my Hoyas and little pothos!
Will definitely order more when the time comes.

Great sturdy trellis for small pots

These are really great minimal and sturdy trellises.

Acrylic plant tags

Love the simplicity of the acrylic plant tags and I was able to use my label maker to add the plant names.

Uncle Fester

My seeds came lovely packaged and are doing rather well. Very pleased with my purchase!

Love these trellis

This is not my first purchase and it won’t be my last. Perfect for all my hoya!


These are perfect!

Great way to get big leaves

Love this product and it’s the only one I’ll buy for support poles. It is easy to assemble and also easy to use. My camposportoanum loves it and has rooted completely into it

Perfect pots

These pots were perfect for my African violets, perfect size and easy to use! Definitely will be getting more.


The trellises took a while to get to me as they were shipped from the US to Germany, but all of them arrived in perfect condition nonetheless! I'm definitely surprised about the quality, too; I expected them to much flimsier / thinner material but they're actually pretty sturdy while still being flexible enough to fit into smaller pots.

The only thing I would possibly change is the packaging. Nothing broke in my case, but they were mostly loose in the box with only minimal packing material. I agree that excessive packing material should be avoided, but considering how heavy-handed carriers can be (and particularly so with international parcels) a little more might be good - even if it's just one additional sheet of packing paper around the trellises.

Plant Scoop
Therese T.
Super scooper

Love this scooper: easy to use and maneuver, and doesn’t take a lot of space when stored.

Great versatile trellis

This is probably my favorite trellis- very versatile support for plants to lean on, curl around or climb on.

Arka™ Trellis B-Stock Bundle
Elizabeth Trigueros
Beautiful trellis

Beautiful trellis. Would repurchase:)

Arka™ Sway Plant Stake
rowan cranfield

I love my Sway stakes! Perfect for use in any medium, and they look super cute too!

Game changer!!

I’ve been looking for a good clip for my babies and this is the bees knees!!!! Perfect for my VSOH!!

Super cute!!!

Perfect for my pothos N’joy!!! Can’t wait to get more in the future!

Beautiful aesthetic

I love the idea of a delicate yet sturdy way to a provide support to your climbing plants, combined with such a beautiful clean aesthetic. You can add pops of color to bring a bit of whimsy to your collection.

So cute!

Aestehetically pleasing trellises are so hard to find, but these are so beautiful, minimal and fun! Love them, and will be coming back for more! Customer service was great also, as I needed some help with shipping-options for halfway around the globe. Lovely jovely!

Great deal and quality

Great deal on this bundle. I did not expect such great quality given the description. I barely can tell the difference between the trellises of this bundle and the ones I ordered individually! I will definitely buy this bundle again in the future.

Arka™ Sway Plant Stake

Perfect for hoyas

I used these for my smaller, more flimsy-leafed hoyas. Love that the trellis isn't a focal point. I will probably buy more, but I wish they were a little thicker.

Arka™ Petite Trellis
Minimalistic and Gorgeous

Love the clear colored trellises. Looks great in my planters

Aroid soil mix

Great, healthy mix! I planted some rooted cuttings of Hindu Rope Hoya into this mix and it quickly sprouted more roots after a week!

Love These!

These are the perfect trellises for my smaller Hoyas.


The Prop Diaries team was so kind and responsive. I am in love with my new trellises! They are perfect for my hoya.

Arka™ Sway Plant Stake
Sophie Beausoleil
Simply love it!

Everything from Ara is great! Stop reading all comments and order now. 🙂