Discount Codes

Do you have a discount code you'd like to apply to your order?

  • If the discount is to receive a free product, you must add the item to your shopping cart in order for the discount to be applied
  • Discounts for a certain $$ amount will apply if you have over 2 items in your cart
  • Sitewide sales will be automatically applied to all items during the time that the sale is running
  • Make sure to save the discount code provided within the packaging of your order
  • Anyone who writes a review is eligible for a discount code, please send us a message if you would like the code

Shopify's policy does not allow more than one discount per order, and if your discount code is not working, try removing the "FREE CLIPS" discount. We will still include the free clips if you are ordering more than 4 trellises. 

If your discount code is still not working, please send us a message so we can work on a solution.

Please accept the discount as a BIG THANK YOU for supporting our business! We appreciate it so much