Arka™ Lattice Trellis
Arka™ Lattice Trellis

Arka™ Lattice Trellis

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Large Transparent Acrylic Plant Support

  • Inspired by a traditional lattice design, support full vines with more surface area for fast growing vines to climb
  • Gently guide growing vines through the diamond shapes
  • Made with thicker 3/16" acrylic for supporting larger and heavier plants
  • For use with plants in 6” pots or larger or outdoors in your garden
  • Stands 16” tall


- Very sturdy and not flexible
- Waterproof
- Original design
- Provides vertical support, lattice design allows for more space for vines to climb through
- Promotes growth of vines and stems 
- Minimalist aesthetic, Crystal Clear is nearly invisible

Great for:
- Scindapsus
- Pothos
- Monstera
- Philodendron
- Vining species of philodendron and monstera
- Fast growing thin outdoor vines such as peas, tomatoes, beans 

Total Height: 16"
Width: 5.7"

*free plant clip promotion does not apply to this item*

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    Laura McDowell
    Perfect trellis

    Used this for my Longilobatum and it was perfect. I was able to, and will be able to use the fencing for all the stages of the leaf growth/height. Highly recommend thinking outside the box for your plants and using these trellises for unique needs