MBM Soil Less Mix
MBM Soil Less Mix
MBM Soil Less Mix

DIY PON – MBM Soil Less Mix (mineral based medium) (16oz)

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A high quality, premium mix of specially selected mineral components that retain water and promote aeration. This mix does not contain nutrients, therefore you must water fertilizer at least every 2 waterings. You will know when to water when the mix changes a lighter color. 

16 oz will work for 4 3 inch pots or 3 4 inch pots.

This mix is ideal for underwatering tendencies. 

Pro Tip: Pot in a clear plastic pot so you can monitor moisture and root growth, great with self-watering pots.

Plants that love this mix: small leaf Hoyas, Anthurium, Monstera, cacti, caudex-type plants and species with thick roots.

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